Our Terms & Conditions

1.    The amount paid for monthly subscriptions is non-refundable.
2.    All meals will be delivered, according to the time range chosen by the customer, Customers cannot request a specific timing.
3.    Incase Customer requests for a refund due to inconvenience of Delivery timings which was chosen by them.
4.    Customer have the right to raise a complaint on Delivery team if delays exceeded 1 hour.
5.    When signing or agreeing to the contract, the subscriber must inform us if they suffer from any food allergies to avoid any side effects.
6.    The full amount must be paid upon signing or approving the new contract or renewing the subscription before the start of the meal delivery.
7.    If a customer wants to freeze/resume the subscription, the account manager must be informed two working days in advance (48 hours) before 4:00 PM. and the maximum freezing time is 30 days. if the customer didn’t resume his/her in 30days or resume after 30 days will pay the penalty of 50aed every 30 days or the subscription package will be canceled and the remaining weeks will not be compensated.
8.    If a customer wants to change diet schedule of the customized meal plan, the subscriber is required to notify the account manager/nutritionist two working days in advance (48 hours) before 4:00 PM.
9.    If a customer wants to upgrade the monthly subscription from fixed packages to our customized meal plan or vice versa, customers must notify the account manager/nutritionist two working days in advance (48 hours) before 4:00 PM.
10. If a customer wants to change the receiving address, the account manager must be informed one working day in advance (24 hours) before 4:00 PM.
11. In the event that a client wishes to change the meal delivery addresses; No additional fees will be charged if the request has been received within 48 hours from subscription date.
12. In the event that a customer informed his account manager of any changes in their daily meal plan menu, freezing/resuming the account, or changes in the subscription program after 4 PM, then, changes will take three working days.
13. The period of freezing subscriptions is 30 days max. In case the customer exceeds the mentioned period of freezing, FITNESSFOODFACTORY will start to deduct the remaining days each month 50aed. after completed 1 month.
14. Meal deliveries are restricted to a time range depending on each City. The time ranges are explained by the sales team prior to the subscription.
15. Our fixed packages which are weight loss, maintain weight, muscle weight gain are fixed in ingredients and contents and cannot be changed unless changed by subscribing to the customized meal program.
16. The monthly subscription period for the fixed packages is 20 days (5 days/week, from Sunday to Friday) 24 days (6 days / a week, from Sunday to Friday) 28 days (7/days/week, from Sunday to Friday).
17. The duration of the customized meal program is 5 days, 6 days, or 7 days.
18. When freezing more than a month, 50 dirhams will be paid for each month.
19. In the event of a sudden change of the receiving address more than once during the subscription period, 50 AED will be charged on for each change.
20. In the event of changing/converting the type of meal packages, whether it’s an upgrade or downgrade, 100 Dirhams will be charged.
21. All meals that are delivered are valid for one day, provided that they are kept refrigerated (from 1 °C to 5 °C).
22. FITNESS FOOD FACTORY is not responsible for the validity of food after delivery or leaving meals unattended/unrefrigerated.
23. FITNESS FOOD FACTORY has the right to change or amend the terms and conditions mentioned above.
24. The subscriber must provide a valid WhatsApp number and a phone number during the subscription period; to ensure the provision of an optimal services. An SMS or WhatsApp message will be sent to inform the subscribers of any changes in meals/days of delivery/address location.
25. In the event that a wrong meal is received through FITNESSFOODFACTORY, an additional meal will be compensated without no extra charge in case a proof was submitted by the client.
26. A call or notification will be made by text message or via WhatsApp, when the driver arrives at the pick-up location.
27. No refund requests shall be honored in the event a customer expresses his dislikes to the packaged meals delivered. FITNESSFOODFACTORY may provide alternative solutions (strictly case-based condition) such as requesting the customer to choose another meal plan (higher meal package value difference is borne by the customer) or extend the subscription expiration for a pre-defined number of days free of charge.
28. Customers wishing to discontinue their subscription may transfer their remaining meal plan days to a family member or a friend. No refunds shall be allowed.
29. Prior to subscribing to the KETO diet, a physician’s opinion is to be obtained for customers diagnosed with kidney damage or heart disease. The same applies to pregnant or nursing women, people with type 1 diabetes, pre-existing liver or pancreatic condition, and anyone who has undergone gallbladder removal. FITNESSFOODFACTORY is absolved from any related responsibility.
30. FITNESSFOODFACTORY will not be held responsible for any health-related complication that may occur.